Swimming pool use regulations

Only guests accommodated in the hotel are allowed to the swimming pool, solarium and related equipment, and its use is regulated by the following rules:
  1. Use of the swimming pool is allowed from 09:00 to 19:00.
  2. To access the pool, it is mandatory to request a sunbed assignment at the front desk; a fee may be required.
  3. You are asked to maintain the orderliness of the furniture in order to ensure social distancing, request to have cribs close together if you have company.
  4. A maximum of 10 people can enter the pool at a time.
  5. Entry is granted to minors under the age of 18 only if accompanied by their parents, who will be responsible if their youngsters evade supervision and trespass into the clearly marked pool space.
  6. Animals are not allowed.
  7. Access to the pool area is allowed only with flip-flops.
  8. Passage through the appropriate foot wash is mandatory.
  9. It is mandatory to take a soapy shower before entering the water.
  10. All personal items should be stored in one bag.
  11. The use of fins, masks, dinghies, mats, balls, and games in general is prohibited.
  12. Music can only be listened to with earphones.
  13. You are not allowed to use the provided bathroom towels in the pool; you can find towels for rent at the front desk.
  14. Near the pool and in the water it is mandatory to wear a swimming cap, which is on sale at the reception desk.
  15. It is permitted to consume food, beverages and/or smoke only in the area with tables; however, it is prohibited in the solarium area with sunbeds.
  16. No glass objects may be brought into the table or pool area.
  17. Please use ashtrays and trash cans and leave the tables clear after use.
  18. It is prohibited to bring onto the area or remove from the area, any object .
  19. DIVING IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN, the height of the pool slopes down from mt.1.10 to mt 1.40.
  20. It is forbidden to pass through the Hall and common areas in bathing suits.
  21. Use of the pool for classes or training is regulated by the management.
  22. Should any damage be caused to the swimming pool, facilities, equipment, furnishings and anything else, expenses for the necessary repairs and restoration shall be borne by the guest, who shall be personally liable to the hotel for his or her own actions and those of his or her family members without any possibility of exemption in this regard.
The following regulations are to be scrupulously adhered to, and the rules of behavior should still adhere to the common standards of common sense and civility. It is required to observe, at all times, social spacing of at least 1 meter, except for people who are not subject to interpersonal spacing. The hotel disclaims any and all liability for damages, injuries and accidents of any kind resulting from the improper use or existence of the pool. Guests fully assume responsibility for their own or others’ safety or damage to property, and for the use of the pool in the absence of an attendant. Those who use the pool do so at their own risk.
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